Edina Public Schools Overtaken By Leftism
11 Jan. 2018
Edina Public Schools Overtaken By Leftism

Another One Bites The Dust

Before I start, it’s important to point out that I’m distinguishing between the Left and liberals in this country.  There is a vast different between the two, with liberals having much more in common with conservatives than with the Left.  For more clarity on the different between the Left and liberals, please read this short piece.

The Left controls the primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, magazines, newspapers, television, news agencies, and much more.  One of the latest examples of where the Left has left it’s mark, and the damage that it’s doing, is the Edina Public Schools.

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The rest of the Star & Tribune article can be found here.

For not familiar with Edina, MN.  It’s a wealthy, upscale suburb in the Twin Cities.  Some of the greatest private golf courses, lined with multi-million dollar homes can be found there as well as quiet neighborhoods, great jobs, and in the past, great schools.  Unfortunately with the recent education changes, great schools and education is now disappearing.

All for All?

In 2013, Edina Public Schools (EPS) adopted a strategic plan called “All for All” that mandated that schools (within the EPS system) must view “all teaching and learning experiences” through the “lens of racial equity.”

Katherine Kersten, the local author who had the courage to write about what has and still is happening at Edina Public Schools was a recent guest on the Dennis Prager show:

From her article in the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, Kelsey states that:

The “All for All” plan mandates sweeping change to how education is delivered in Edina. For example, it dictates that, from now on, the district will hire “racially conscious teachers and administrators.” It also declares that students must “acquire an awareness of their own cultural identity and value racial, cultural and ethnic diversities.”

In education-speak, this means that Edina children will now be instructed that their personal, cultural “identity” is irrevocably tied to their skin color. This directly rejects the colorblind vision that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. pioneered, and that the vast majority of Americans share.

Compare the course taken by Edina Public Schools to the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. – Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s interesting that the American Left finds that race is significant.  Those who believe in being racially color blind are now called bigots who practice micro-aggressions according to the University of California school system and the mainstream Left.  A few more notes from Kelsey:

Katie Mahoney, Highlands’ “racially conscious” principal, was hired in 2016. This fall, she announced that the school’s “challenges” for 2017-18 are to teach children “how to embrace ancestry, genetic code and melanin,” and to how “to be changemakers.”

But Mahoney’s political agenda seems much broader. For example, on the school’s “Wonder” blog, she has promoted an A-B-C book for young children entitled “A is for Activist.” The book features texts like the following: “Are you an Activist?” “C is for … Creative Counter to Corporate vultures,” “F is for Feminist,” “T is for Trans,” and “X is” for “Malcolm X.”

Lost City

I often refer to Minneapolis as the lost city.  It’s lost to Leftism.  If Stalin ran for government here, I think he’d actually win.  Part of that’s a joke, but at the same time I’m actually quite serious too.  Today the Left controls the Democratic party, not liberals.  Liberals in general are great, but are an endangered species in the Democratic party, and many of their views (like defense, illegal immigration, race, freedom of speech, etc.) would actually be considered conservative by today’s Left.  The Left and liberals have nothing in common (besides bigger government), but oddly enough, liberals don’t fight the Left.  Liberals and conservatives have much more in common with each other than either does with the Left.  There are a lot of tough things facing the country, but without question, the Left is the most dangerous force facing the United States.  The path the Edina Public Schools has taken is just another example of that.

I strongly encourage reading more about what has happened to the Edina Public School system.  A longer, more detailed piece and PDF of the story can be found here.

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