New Music added to Spotify Player
26 Dec. 2017
New Music added to Spotify Player


In case you didn’t notice, there is also music on my website.  Travel is great because you can so many different experiences in a new place, and music is one of those.  I enjoy many types of music with an array of different sounds from a variety of places around the world.  If you like music, maybe you’ll like some of these tracks too.

You can get the the music in two different ways, either scroll down on the main page near the bottom and the player is opposite the Podcasts, or you can click on the Medias tab at the top of the homepage and each song will be displayed by itself there.


Scroll all the way down on the homepage and you’ll see a Spotify music player

The Kinks

There’s still a few issues I have to iron out with the music end of the website, but for how hopefully it all works.  I’m hoping to have playlists by month on the website, but that feature isn’t working, so it’s hopefully a feature that I’ll be able to add soon.  I’ve re-uploaded both podcasts too, as the volume was too light on the originals.  Hopefully now the sound and volume is better.  Other podcasts will be added soon.

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