UPS, Immigration, Crime, and Sweden
11 Mar. 2019
UPS, Immigration, Crime, and Sweden

I took this post offline for awhile, because it seemed to be very controversial.  People in the U.S., including myself, are overwhelmed with political messages and stories.  All that news is pretty exhausting to be honest, especially since it’s mostly negative.  However, after reading more about Sweden, mass migration across its borders, and the crime issues it has faced over the past several years, I’ve decided to repost this piece.  Travel is interlinked with politics, as it shapes country policies, values, infrastructure and more.  It’s not giving me any joy to publish a piece like this, but as one of my favorite minds in the world says:

“First tell the truth, then state your opinion” – Dennis Prager


Many people, especially those with politically left-leaning views, hold Scandinavia, and especially Sweden, as idillic.  However, like many parts of Europe, Sweden is undergoing a massive change.  Much of that change isn’t positive unfortunately, as mass migration has created a large increase in violent crime.  Rapes have increased compared with historical figures with many not being investigated or not being pursued from police for fear of being labeled as anti-immigrant or islamophobic.  The rape scandal in Rotherham, England is one of the most disgusting politically correct cover-ups in the history of mankind, and is much closer to what’s happening in Scandinavia right now than a crackdown to prevent that horrible violent crime from continuing to flourish.

UPS and the Swedish postal service have decided that these areas are too dangerous for deliveries.  Similar stopped services have been made around Sweden of late.  This article provides more information about what is happening and sites confirmation from UPS about the areas with delivery stoppage:

“Several of them are basically run by criminals and the police cannot carry out their job. Car fires, grenade attacks and bombings occur almost daily. Police, firefighters and ambulance workers are attacked by migrants and prevented from doing their job on a regular basis.  The situation has gotten so bad that ambulance unions have put forth requests for bullet proof vests to be given to paramedics operating in the problematic areas.”


“The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg recently was described by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven as an “attack” on democracy itself.  In the migrant-majority town of Södertälje, a police station was shot at ten times overnight, though no officers were present at the station at the time.  Many such attacks have been captured on surveillance and other cameras and are widely available to be seen online. Footage from 2015 shows police officers being attacked while others are shouting “you are not in charge here” to them.  Four stations in Stockholm Metro have become so dangerous for personnel that they are only able to perform their duties with the help of extra police.  Parking attendants are being chased away or attacked. Thus parking companies cannot guarantee for their employees safety.”

The news coverage of what’s been happening in Sweden is very interesting and extremely polarized.  From the pieces that I’ve read, news coverage either says everything is just fine and there are few crime issues to there are major problems and it’s dangerous.  Personally I believe the latter is the truth, and that the dramatically left leaning politically correct media and governments of Scandinavia are denying this reality.

Many people in the U.S. are completely unaware of what has happened to Sweden over the past several years.  You can draw your own conclusions about consequences of mass migration, illegal or legal, into countries with different cultures, laws and norms.  However, what is for certain is that Sweden is undergoing deep change on a few levels.  It will be interesting to see where Sweden ends up in a few decades.

“Being on the left is much more about what feels good than what does good.”  – Dennis Prager

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