New Music Added:  March 2018 Playlist
4 Mar. 2018
New Music Added: March 2018 Playlist

March 2018 Playlist

A playlist that includes music from Brazil, Jamaica, Italy, Nigeria, Sweden, England, and U.S.A.  I’m a big fan of classic Brazilian and Reggae music so those songs often make it into my playlists.  Tallest Man on Earth (Sweden) was my favorite band/musician a few years ago.  I saw him in concert at 1st Avenue in 2015 and wasn’t expecting much.  A single performer playing mostly acoustic songs for 2-3 hours didn’t sound like it would be much of a show.  It turned out to be one of the best music performances that I’ve ever seen.  He’s since branched out into playing with a band, which isn’t as good for me, but things change!  The music list can be found on the bottom of the main page in the Spotify music player or on the Medias Page.

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