Real Racism and Intolerance:  Evergreen College and The Left
6 Jun. 2017
Real Racism and Intolerance: Evergreen College and The Left

“There is a civil war happening in this country;  It’s a civil war of ideas.” – Dennis Prager

Progressive Racism

Throughout the past few months, students at Evergreen have demanded that all whites, including professors, leave the campus to observe the school’s traditional and yearly demonstration of a “Day of Absence”.  Whites at the college were not asked, but told that they must refrain from attending class and not be allowed on campus for the entire day.  One of the school’s professors Bret Weinstein objected to this demand and wrote an email saying that such a demand would be “an act of oppression in and of itself”.


Weinstein who calls himself “a deeply progressive person” (and describes himself as someone who is well left of Hillary Clinton) was immediately called a racist by students for refusing to leave the campus.  They stormed his office, shouted him down as he tried to explain his rational, told he must resign or be fired, and physically threatened (as were other white staff at the university).  In a June article in the Huffington Post entitled, “A Liberal’s Perspective: Evergreen College And The Fascism Of The Illiberal Left” author Matt Teitelbaum expresses his concerns:

“The irony in all of this is that Weinstein himself is a liberal, having supported Bernie Sanders for president. There is no evidence that he is a racist and he has done nothing to these students but object to their authoritarian mentality and attempt to have an open dialogue.  So why are these left-wing extremists attacking one of their own?  The answer is simple: they are not liberals.  They are illiberal, left-wing fascists.”

“The majority of Americans who utterly reject the ridiculous behavior of this growing group must not let the extremists control the narrative by characterizing their behavior as being politically rebellious or “on the right side of history.” Instead, this behavior must be portrayed as it truly is, as a shameful and pedestrian surrender to authoritarian political doctrine and mob mentality.”

“Considering this, “fascist” works fairly well as a label for members of the social justice mob. It drives home their authoritarian, ideologically-possessed mindset and tactics which can only be described as systematic brainwashing followed by witch hunts for any who would even think to diverge from the social justice orthodoxy.”

and later adds….

“Watch as they hospitalize a female professor at Middlebury College and receive minimal consequences. Watch as they set University of California, Berkeley ablaze because of the presence of a dissenting political voice.  Now, you can watch as they physically and verbally intimidate faculty and students at their own institution, terrorizing them for the heinous crime of being present while white.”

Video of the racist coups and protests are easy to find such as this one and this one.  Interviews with Professor Weinstein are also interesting, such as this one with Joe Rogan.

And what did the university president do about its students not allowing any whites to be on campus?  Squadoosh, zip, nada, zilch.  Campus police were told to stand down, and Weinstein himself was told he could not be protected.  Students took over offices, shouted down dissenters, screamed obscenities and made demands that several professors needed to be fired.  Evergreen’s president George Bridges is not only a moral fool, but a coward.  I’m curious how many professors stood by and supported Weinstein’s calls of racism and racism?  I’m guessing it’s around the same amount of unicorns that ate strawberries in my back yard yesterday.

“Goodness, kindness, and the rest of the good traits one can possess are worthless without courage” – Dennis Prager

Lower and Different Standards

The standards for The Left are not only different than those for the right, but significantly lower.  What would have happened at the school if blacks would have been told that they weren’t allowed on campus for a day?  The university president would have lost his job and the media would have played the story for the better part of a year, using it as a shining example of how racism still exists in the U.S.  And what about mixed race students with a white parent, are they banned from campus too?  What if an all white student body had issued a demand that all black professors (or other ethnic or racial group) and students must leave campus or face violence?  The media and Left would go berserk.  Students would have been investigated for hate crimes and perhaps become unemployable for life.  But since this story is about a group on the left, their racism is under reported, and tolerated.  There will be no repercussions for any of the students engaged in any of this activity and the university president will keep his job.  What media actually do report the issues at Evergreen, will let it go nearly as soon as they report it.

The parents of Evergreen’s students are literally paying tens of thousands of dollars each year to have their children become worse human beings.  These parents are not only wasting their money, but damaging their children.  The modern liberal arts departments at nearly any university in the U.S. aren’t institutions for higher learning, they are leftist seminaries; cocoons of intellection thought, lacking any shred of depth, fairness, and truth.  Evergreen is just the latest illustration of that.

Who Fights The Left?

Where is the mass condemnation of Evergreen college from liberals?  You can hear ants marching on memory foam easier than you can the dissent from liberals against The Left.  It really is sad, but I do give credit to  Teitelbaum for his piece and even the Huffington Post for publishing it.  Teitelbaum concludes his piece with advice that every person who is not a Leftist should heed:

“Liberals who don’t call out these illiberal fascists are complicit in their growing influence and impunity. We real liberals must wake up, we must stand up, and we must act.”

I agree whole heartedly, that is one of the primary reasons why I wrote this piece.

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