My Podcast is Now on Stitcher Radio
23 Aug. 2019
My Podcast is Now on Stitcher Radio


Many people don’t know that I have a podcast.  Actually many people don’t know that I have a website or a podcast!  Neither ventures are profit driven, but rather are an attempt to be creative in different ways.  When I was younger I used to be into varieties of creative outlets like drawing, acting, dancing, comedy, etc.  I was kind of the class clown and was pretty fearless.  Those things kind of went away after my mother passed away when I was in junior high school, and I gravitated more into sports and athletic competition.

My day time job usually involves numbers, and isn’t all that creative, so a travel blog and podcast are a nice reprieve from the monotony of data.  The blog usually feels like work as I don’t type that fast, and make a fair amount of errors along the way.  Creating a single podcast episode can take days of recording and then editing, but it doesn’t feel like work nearly as much as a blog post.  I don’t like poor audio quality, gaps of silence, and audio that doesn’t flow well, so I’m pretty meticulous when it comes to edits.  Hopefully I’ve created are some episodes that people enjoy.


I’ve had some recent requests to get my podcast on Stitcher Radio.  It’s been on iTunes and Soundcloud, but I’ve finally made an effort to get it on Stitcher too.  I had heard of Stitcher before, but didn’t have experience using it.  Anyway, my podcast called The Travel Points is now on Stitcher and ready to go!

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