New Music Added:  February 2018 Playlist
11 Feb. 2018
New Music Added: February 2018 Playlist

Pump Up the Jam(s)

I enjoy music, audio and video.  When I was creating my website, I wanted to have some of those aspects included.  When I travel, I pick up on various media pretty quickly.  Some of it’s amazing, some okay, others aren’t so great.  With that said, I’m trying to add new music on a fairly regular basis to my website.  Some of that might be domestic, some foreign, some new, and some old.  No promises on exactly how regular that will be, as I have a lot going on right now, but it’s fun to do and I enjoy the creative break.

So there’s new music added for February 2018.  The playlist has a pretty wide variety so no real theme.  I included a track from Xavier Rudd that reminds me of my recent Hawaii trip, but other than that, music from different times and places.  The new mix (individual tracks via Spotify) can be found here, and also at the bottom of my home page (via a Spotify playlist).  Enjoy –

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