New Music Added:  April 2018 Playlist
2 Apr. 2018
New Music Added: April 2018 Playlist

Good tunes, good times

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is finding new music.

In a few weeks I’ll be traveling through a big chunk of Eastern Europe.  Some of the music choices in this month’s playlist are inspired by that trip.  The first track from Irma Sokhadze is a classic from Soviet times.  Many of my Russian speaking friends grew up listening to her music and this song.  Past that there’s a pretty varied mix of tunes from Radiohead down to a few country.  I’m not too keen on much of the new country sound, but old I have come to love old country songs and artists.  If I can find a karaoke bar in Belarus or Ukraine I’m going to tee up some Hank Williams Jr. or Waylon Jennings.  I snuck in another Brazilian song – so many good songs from there.  It reminds me that I’ve got to get back soon and see more of Brazil – it’s huge and wonderful to see.  But in general, the playlist is just music that I really like – hope there is some you do too.

April’s music playlist can be found on the main/home page and also here.

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