New Podcast:  Montreal, Canada
11 Dec. 2018
New Podcast: Montreal, Canada
Oui (pronounced “we” meaning “yes” in French) A breakdown of my recent trip to Montreal, Canada.  It isn’t warm this time of year, but the city still has plenty of charm and quaintness.  Great food and restaurants, and is a nice and unique getaway in North America.  It’s a much larger city than I expected,
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New Podcast:  Minsk, Belarus
29 Sep. 2018
New Podcast: Minsk, Belarus
Privet (Hello)? As part of a couple of trips through Eastern Europe, I’ve traveled to Minsk, Belarus twice this year (and will also be visiting again early next year).  This podcast episode talks about visiting Minsk, things you need to know before going, and what you can expect once you’re there.  It’s a completely different
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Interview:  John “Flying Mustache” Klukas on Award Booking
29 May. 2018
Interview: John “Flying Mustache” Klukas on Award Booking
Smart guys finish first From a psychology degree to the fashion runways in New York to his own award booking service dolling out countless hours of points and miles advice, John Klukas is an interesting guy.  I saw down to talk all things points and miles, the mindset of an award booker, some sweetspot awards,
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New Podcast:  PGA Tour Caddy Mark Urbanek
14 Apr. 2018
New Podcast: PGA Tour Caddy Mark Urbanek
You Da Man! Mark Urbanek is THE man on the bag and a professional golf caddy on the PGA Tour.  For those that don’t watch golf, he’s one of the guys carrying the golf clubs, giving his player advice, and basically keeping them happy and sane much of the time.  The guy is a major athlete
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New Podcast:  Trip Report:  Oahu, Hawaii
6 Apr. 2018
New Podcast: Trip Report: Oahu, Hawaii
Surf’s Up? Episode from my recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii. First time trip to any part of Hawaii. In the trip I surfed, hiked, visited Pipeline and the North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and drove every major road on the island.  For the trip I used US Bank Flexperks to pay for the flight, Choice hotel
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New Interview:  Stefan Krasowski of Rapid Travel Chai
10 Feb. 2018
New Interview: Stefan Krasowski of Rapid Travel Chai
Global-Trotter Stefan Krasowski is truly a world traveler.  He has been to 189 of the world’s 193 countries and is a member of the Circumnavigators Club and the Travelers’ Century Club. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and has also lived and studied
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New Podcast:  Randy Petersen Interview
17 Jan. 2018
New Podcast: Randy Petersen Interview
Elite Status In the world of award travel, Randy Petersen is Elite, and it’s not too much of a stretch to call Randy Petersen the Godfather of the points and miles hobby. He’s the pioneer behind many of the travel resources that millions of people all over the world use like FlyerTalk, BoardingArea, The Frequent Flyer
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10 Jun. 2017
Dangerous Waters Michael Rutzen has spent more time free diving with great white sharks without a cage than any other person.  He’s a South African conservationist, film maker, cage diving operator and is one of the few people in the world that can understand and respond to white shark behaviour and body language.  He’s been
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