New Podcast:  Montreal, Canada
11 Dec. 2018
New Podcast: Montreal, Canada

Oui (pronounced “we” meaning “yes” in French)

A breakdown of my recent trip to Montreal, Canada.  It isn’t warm this time of year, but the city still has plenty of charm and quaintness.  Great food and restaurants, and is a nice and unique getaway in North America.  It’s a much larger city than I expected, but downtown and Old Montreal are very walkable by foot.  Couples will enjoy Montreal, as has a romantic vibe to it, especially in Old Montreal.  It’s a diverse, multicultural, and hosts tons of events and large gatherings every year.  I loved my time there and look forward to visiting again….but when it’s warmer!  Hoping to get to Quebec City soon too and compare the two places.  Thumbs up though for Montreal.




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