Interview:  John “Flying Mustache” Klukas on Award Booking
29 May. 2018
Interview: John “Flying Mustache” Klukas on Award Booking

Smart guys finish first

From a psychology degree to the fashion runways in New York to his own award booking service dolling out countless hours of points and miles advice, John Klukas is an interesting guy.  I saw down to talk all things points and miles, the mindset of an award booker, some sweetspot awards, examples of bookings, and what you can expect if you need help with your next award booking.  John is known as “The Flying Mustache“, is very bright, and definitely knows his stuff.  If you or your family need help with an award booking, contact him to see how he might be able to help, you’ll be glad you do!  The podcast is inserted here, but can also be found on the Medias and Podcast pages and also on iTunes.


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