Interview: Counting Countries Podcast Ric Gazarian
18 Mar. 2019
Interview: Counting Countries Podcast Ric Gazarian

Hit The Road

Ric Gazarian is one of the worlds best traveled persons and is host of the popular travel podcast “Counting Countries”.  He’s usually behind the mic asking questions to his guests, many of which have traveled to every country in the world, but this time around we talked about some of his travels and adventures, and how he got into the spot that he’s currently in.  Ric has traveled to 134 countries thus far, and his goal is to travel to all 193 UN recognized countries. Besides being an extremely well traveled individual, he’s also an author, photographer, and filmmaker (Hit the Road India and Hit the Road Cambodia).  Ric’s Counting Countries podcast and other media can be found at his website globalgaz.com.

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