New Podcast:  2019 Travel Music
10 Jan. 2020
New Podcast: 2019 Travel Music

Tuned In

Music is an interesting aspect a lot of people ignore when traveling. I almost always try and hear what’s being played in the destinations that I travel to.  Music gives me a look into where I’m at beyond the tourist sites, local food, and landscape. In a way, the music being played is an audio overview of the people and area that you’re visiting.  This podcast is just a quick mix of some varied songs. Some current, some a bit older. Some domestic and others foreign. Some from my travels, others just songs I thought you might enjoy.

1. Polo & Pan – Nana
2. Jim James – Wild Honey
3. Elza Soares – O Mundo Encantado De Monteiro Lobato
4. Gnonnas Pedro – Yiri Yiri Boum
5. Chastity Belt – Seattle Party
6. Irma Sokhadze – Oranzhevaya pesenka
7. Edith Piaf – Non je ne regrette rein
8. The Tallest Man on Earth – Thousand Ways
9. BRONCHO – Try Me Out Sometime
10. Kaiser Chiefs – Remember You’re a Girl

The podcast can be found in this post below or on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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