New Podcast:  PGA Tour Caddie Mark Urbanek
14 Apr. 2018
New Podcast: PGA Tour Caddie Mark Urbanek

You Da Man!

Mark Urbanek is THE man on the bag and a professional golf caddie on the PGA Tour.  For those that don’t watch golf, he’s one of the guys carrying the golf clubs, giving his player advice, and basically keeping them happy and sane much of the time.  The guy is a major athlete too.  Here’s a video of him throwing a golf ball over a 100 yards to one of the toughest holes in golf that’s completely surrounded by water.  He did that with ease, and much of his golf ability is just as good as this shot.

He’s currently caddying for the 60th ranked player in the world, James Hahn, but has caddyied for other players over the past 14 seasons.  Caddying has given Mark freedom and the opportunity to travel.  Mark sits down to chat golf, travel, and some points and miles.  For those who love golf or if you have ever been curious about what it’s like to be a caddy on the PGA Tour, here’s a first hand account.

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