Simon Mall to Sell $1,000 Visa Gift Cards
12 Jul. 2019
Simon Mall to Sell $1,000 Visa Gift Cards

Dollars & Sense

Messages from Simon Mall have gone out in the last 24-48 hours stating that next Wednesday to Sunday (7/17 – 8/4), Visa gift cards (VGC’s)with denominations of $1000.00 will be sold.  Normally the max card value is $500 so this is twice that amount.  As an added plus, the fee per card will also remain at $3.95.  I’m extremely sensitive to my costs when it comes to accumulating reward points and miles, and gift card sales and promotions like this do help.  As of now this promotion is open to any customer who would like to purchase gift cards, not just ‘loyalty customers’.  I would imagine this is a test run for Simon to sell gift cards at increased values going forward, but it’s only a guess.

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