More Free Points:  Office Max/Depot Promotion
7 May. 2018
More Free Points: Office Max/Depot Promotion

Tip of the Cap

A hat tip to reader Ma Barker for pointing out a deal yesterday that I missed:  more free points at Office Max/Depot with another negative cost Visa gift card promotion.

The promotion is pretty standard:  get $15 off (instantly at checkout) $300 (or more) worth of Visa Everywhere branded (debit) gift cards purchased.  The two key items in the promotion are the instant rebate at checkout, and the $15 off, which not only eliminates the purchase fees on 2 x $200 Visa cards purchases ($4.95 x 2 = $9.90), but leaves some profit ($5.10 per deal not counting liquidation fees).  These are Metabank issued Visa’s and the promotion is listed for 5/6 – 15/12.

Don’t forget to use the right card:  hopefully you have a rewards card that earns 5x for office supply purchases such as the Chase Ink Plus, Ink Cash, or Amex Simply Cash Business cards.


Office Max/Depot promotion covers Dining, Fuel, Style, Grocery, and Movies Everywhere Visa’s.

It’s a great week for those who have access to Staples/Office Max/Depot in their area.  Free points + cash is fairly rare in the points and miles hobby, so it’s a great chance to earn rewards, even if you don’t have a credit card earning 5x.

Doctorofcredit has a detailed post about the promotion too.  I’ve already maxed out my 5x at office supply stores for this year so the Staples and Office Max/Depot deals don’t have a ton of appeal for me this week.  I did stop into 2 local Staples stores yesterday to look at their $200 card stock and what limits might be imposed.  The card stock was good and there were no limits mentioned at checkout.  Not sure about this Office Max/Depot deal, but purchase limits are generally enforced differently by each store (and employee).  Thanks for reading and happy office supply week!

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