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14 Dec. 2017
Trump’s ‘Abysmal’ Poll Numbers? What About Those of Merkel, Macron, May and Trudeau?
About a year into President Donald Trump’s first term, the jury for much of the country and for most of the major media has returned its verdict: Trump is a failure. Trump is incompetent. Trump cannot lead. Trump has no legislative victories. Even former President Jimmy Carter said he had never seen a president so
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23 Nov. 2017
I got fired for calling out liberal hypocrisy on Clintons
It was bizarre watching KABC TalkRadio in Los Angeles – my hypocritical ex-employer – hold a televised press conference. It turns out that one of the station’s news anchors, Leeann Tweeden, claims Sen. Al Franken groped her. In 2006, Tweeden said, before Franken became a senator, he and she participated in a USO tour to
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25 Jan. 2018
The Great S—hole Hypocrisy
1/25/2018 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Breaking news: President Donald Trump uses profanity. When Trump’s apparent use of the word “s- hole” makes headlines, one cannot help but recall the analysis of the media provided by President Obama’s deputy national security adviser and foreign policy speechwriter. In discussing hi...
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10 Nov. 2017
Black-on-Black Racism at Cornell
A Rasmussen poll taken in 2013 asked American adults, “Are most white Americans racist?” “Are most Hispanic Americans racist?” and “Are most black Americans racist?” Of the three groups, the winner was blacks. Thirty-seven percent said most blacks were racist; 18 percent felt most Hispanics were racist, and 15 pe...
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16 Feb. 2018
What Left-Wing Educators Don’t Teach During ‘Black History Month’
By: Larry Elder When will Black History Month be … history? Apart from the bizarre notion that educators should set aside one month to salute the historical achievements of one race apart from and above the historical achievements of other races, Black History Month appears to omit a lot of black history. About slavery, do
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28 Dec. 2017
Larry Elder: “Why Is Maxine Waters Silent On The Terrorist-Drug Dealing Probe That Obama Shut Down?”
12/28/2017 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., once falsely accused President Ronald Reagan’s CIA of all but causing urban cocaine dealing in the ’80s. She claimed that Reagan, by working with Nicaraguan drug dealers to defeat the communists running that country, colluded with them to created the urban drug epi...
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26 Oct. 2017
My Own Harvey Weinstein Experience
I knew of Harvey Weinstein, and I’d heard that he possessed the power to make or break careers, that he was bombastic and that he pushed people around. But that pretty much was the extent of it. After all, this is Hollywood, where only a small percent of would-be actors and actresses in the Screen
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19 Oct. 2017
Yes, Weinstein Accusers Are Brave — So Were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others, praised the Weinstein accusers for their “courage.” For decades, Weinstein, a big Democratic donor who could make or break Hollywood careers, apparently preyed on young women. Over 30 women have now come forth, with five alleging rape. ...
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7 Dec. 2017
Leadership Malpractice: John Conyers’ Resignation Is 50 Years Too Late
Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., hospitalized for an undefined stress-related illness, announced his retirement after serving more than 50 years in the House. Two other Conyers — a son and a great-nephew — immediately announced plans to vie for the elder Conyers’ seat. The great-nephew said, “His doctor advised him that the rigor...
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15 Jan. 2018
Where’s Hollywood’s Apology for Donating to the Clintons While Ignoring Sex Abuse Allegations Against Them?
The stories of sexual harassment of women that Hollywood won’t be telling. January 11, 2018 By: Larry Elder In President Donald Trump era, Hollywood has become more political and less entertaining, while Washington, D.C., has become more entertaining and less political. The theme of this year’s Golden Globes awards show was “Time&...
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8 Feb. 2018
Larry Elder: “Take the ‘Racist Xenophobe’ Quiz–Who Said This About Illegal Immigration?”
Larry Elder 2/8/2018 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Which alleged “racist xenophobe” made these statements about illegal immigration? “Those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law, and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pou...
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3 Nov. 2017
Our Ex-Presidents’ Insincere Praise of ‘American Generosity’
All five living former Presidents recently came together at a benefit concert for victims of this year’s devastating hurricanes. A month earlier, they broadcast an appeal for Americans to donate for hurricane relief efforts. Former President Jimmy Carter praised the generosity of Americans: “Across this great country, Americans have ans...
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