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7 Oct. 2019
Sen. Hawley Thrashes NBA Commissioner Who Apologized To China For Houston Rocket GM’s Pro-Hong Kong Remarks
‘That was wrong. Reconsider’
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9 May. 2017
From Johnny Carson to Stephen Colbert
In a monologue considered witty by teenagers, teenagers in adult bodies and those who hate President Trump, CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert said about President Trump, “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster,” and “You’re turning into a real prick-tator.” Wit...
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8 Oct. 2019
Conservative Leader Calls Trudeau A ‘Fraud’ And ‘Phony’ In Election Debate
‘He’s very good at pretending things;’
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10 Oct. 2021
The Jihadist Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Intensifies
What several international observers have for years characterized as a “pure genocide” of Christians in Nigeria has reached new levels. “We have never seen an evil government in this country like the one of today. The government is fully in support of
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14 Feb. 2017
Note to the Left: Four Years Ago, Conservatives Were Just as Depressed
Here’s a news flash for Democrats and other Americans on the left: Four years ago, when Barack Obama was re-elected president, conservatives were just as depressed as you are now that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won. I describe this as news because this undoubtedly surprises many of you. You probably never gave a
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1 Mar. 2018
Large explosion in Afghan capital kills young girl, wounds 6
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A large explosion in the eastern part of the Afghan capital on Friday morning killed at least one person, a young girl, and wounded six people, an Afghan official said.Mohammad Alim Asim, chief of the Kabul ambulance se
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9 Oct. 2019
US Military Gains Custody Of 2 British Men Accused Of Involvement In Death Of Journalist James Foley
Plan to prosecute them in a Virginia court
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21 Oct. 2021
Get Smart About What Really Happened in the 2020 Election
Two ingredients drove the outcome in the 2020 elections: First, private philanthropy injected into government election offices and, second, a banana-republic style suspension of agreed-upon election rules. You didn’t need much outright voter fraud when
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9 Oct. 2019
Trump Says He’ll ‘Wipe Out’ Turkish Economy If Turkey Takes Out Kurdish Population
‘I will wipe out his economy if that happens’
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28 Feb. 2017
A Nation of Immigrants — Only If They Assimilate
I am writing this column in Japan, a country whose crime rate is the lowest among countries with large populations. I asked my Japanese translator, a middle-aged woman, what she thought. “Why is there is so little crime in Japan?” I asked. Without taking a moment to reflect, she responded, “Because we don’t allow immigration...
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10 Oct. 2019
Turkey Launches Ground And Air Assault Against Kurdish Fighters, Killing At Least Seven
‘The United States does not endorse this attack’
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2 Mar. 2018
Indonesia considers house arrest for ailing radical cleric
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — The Indonesian government is considering house arrest or other forms of clemency for the ailing radical cleric who was the ideological leader of the Bali bombers and is now in prison for helping to fund a jihadist training cam
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