A New Way Forward?
12 Feb. 2020
A New Way Forward?


One of the reasons that I love to travel is that I use it as an opportunity to tune out.  When I travel, I usually don’t watch tv, read newspapers, or keep up with current events.  In the constant stream of (almost entirely left leaning) 24/7 media in our country, it’s nice to separate from it.  I have political related posts on my blog from time to time, mostly because I’d like to tie in some events from travel that are interesting and/or significant.  For example, how many people know about the Holodomor?  Not as many as there should be that’s for sure.  Domestic politics is a pretty ugly game, and it’s generally a hot button issue that I don’t care to write about much.  In this case however, I feel compelled to do so.

I’m not writing to push people’s button’s only to inform and state my opinion.  You can civilly disagree that’s fine.  As Dennis Prager, one of my favorite author’s and talk show hosts says, “I prefer clarity to agreement”.  It’s a motto I wish more people  put into practice and not just words.  With that said, there’s some incredible legislation in the House of Representatives that you likely aren’t aware of.


The modern Democrat party in the United States is destructive and dangerous.  To be clear, I say that as a former liberal.  The latest example of this destruction and moral inferiority is the House of Representatives bill introduced recently called New Way Forward Act.  As a quick summary, this bill proposes:

  • Felonies no longer constitute deportation
  • Only illegals who commit crimes with more than 5 years of jail time could be subject to deportation
  • Judges could nullify deportation orders at their discretion
  • A detained illegal’s criminal past cannot be used against them in court in order
  • Previously deported illegals will be brought back into the country via taxpayer dollars
  • The bill would essentially leave the US with open borders, nearly anyone entering the country would be allowed to stay and attain citizenship

The bill is signed and supported by 44 Democrats.  The fact that so many Democrats actually support such far left policies, is nearly beyond comprehension.  It does provide a clear example of how far left Democrats are.  As radical as the New Way Forward Act is, I haven’t heard about it in the mainstream news.  I just tried to search for it on NPR and got crickets (nothing) for search results.  I’d guess other mainstream Left media sources would be similarly void of discussing the bill.

Here’s a few recent thoughts on the bill from Dennis Prager from his daily talk show:

As I’ve noted many times before, I’m a former liberal.  I have nearly the same values now as I did when I was a liberal, with the exception of the fact that I don’t think greater government involvement is a good thing on most levels.  However, I was never Left, and the policies and extreme views of most Democrats have taken the party to the point of illiberal, anti-liberal, or Left.  Liberals like John F. Kennedy would be considered a conservative by today’s standards.  Bill Clinton and his stance on illegal immigration wouldn’t stand a chance with today’s Democrat party.  Nearly every single day, both Dennis Prager and Larry Elder provide examples of how the Left damages the country.  This is just one example of many.  Here’s some video from Tucker Carlson about the bill:


I was curious what logic can possibly be supplied by the Left for such nonsense legislation.  I found an explanation from Immigrant Justice Network that says:

“The Immigrant Justice Network, along with a coalition of grassroots and national organizations, demands that Congress take legislative action to disentangle the criminal legal and immigration systems that propagate mass incarceration and mass deportation, paving a New Way Forward for immigrant justice.”

The “New Way Forward Act, introduced by U.S. Representatives Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04), Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) and Karen Bass (CA-37), marks an important step toward remedying injustices in the U.S. immigration system and securing the full human rights of all members of our communities, the Immigrant Justice Network wrote. “The New Way Forward Act rolls back harmful immigration laws that, for decades, have led to racial profiling and disproportionately resulted in the incarceration, deportation, and destruction of families of color and immigrant communities.”

Even when I was liberal, if I was to read something like this I’d know it was garbage.  This legislation didn’t write itself, as it was crafted by some of the most far left radicals that have ever served in elected office in this country.  To be from, and live in, a state that elected Ilhan Omar is embarrassing.  Other far lefties like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are also linked with crafting this dangerous and irresponsible legislation.  This bill is so radical it’s difficult to find words to accurately depict how extreme it is.  Thank God it won’t pass and become law, but the point is that 44 Democrats wanted it to pass.

You may not like Trump and that’s fine.  There are people on the right that aren’t fond of him either, but if you’re liberal, you need to understand your enemy is the Left, not conservatives.

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