Where Are the Most Beautiful Women in the World?
7 Jun. 2017
Where Are the Most Beautiful Women in the World?

Clarity > Agreement

First some disclaimers because when a topic like this comes up, people are bound to get a little fired up.  For those people who offend easily, there is a saying that I think is appropriate:  if something is said that’s not meant to offend then no offense should be taken.  This post is my personal take, or simply just  my opinion; or that of a single male between 30 and 40 years old who has travelled to around 50 countries.  If you offend easily, or believe that every person is equally beautiful, or that every location and every country has an equal number or percent of the population that’s beautiful, well then we will have to agree to disagree and part ways at that.

It almost goes without saying too that every country in the world has beautiful people in it.  Out of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that I’ve seen and come across in person over many years of travel through dozens of countries, there have been beautiful women in every country that I’ve been to.  With that said, for me some of the most beautiful women reside in Europe.  I have been to most of the countries in Europe (31 total), and many of those multiple times.  I haven’t been to every country in the world, nor is there some sort of universal test for worldwide beauty, but I’m sure that there are beautiful people in every part of the world.

Next, I fully recognize that beauty is largely subjective.  My tastes in what is attractive or enticing may be different than yours.  People have preferences for certain looks, body types, hair color, skin complexion, thinness, hair length, style, clothing, attitude, and more.  And beyond the physical, there are cultural norms, belief systems, and general attitudes from country to country that fit in with how I view attractiveness too.  For example, I don’t find that Russian women anywhere are warm to Western tourists who don’t speak Russian.  But in other countries like in parts of Asia, Central and South America, women are more open and pleasant in general to foreigners.  So my takes and comparisons here reflect a judgement on the total package, not just the physical.  But in general, the physical makes up the largest part of what I’m writing about here.  Also, to make this opinion more standardized, I’m focusing this post only on women between the ages of 18-35.  I’m not particularly interested in comparing the best looking 64 year olds or those under 18.

But with all that on the table, I think there are clearly countries with more good looking gene power than others.  For example, if someone said to me that Scotland had the best looking women in Europe, I would probably ask if they were medicated.  Toss in Wales or Ireland for the same puzzlement.  The same thing goes for men in those areas too.  If someone claimed that Poland, France or Hungary had the best looking men, I’d think they were really out there, perhaps having a glue sniffing hobby.

The Most Beautiful Women in the World

Update summer 2018:  I’ve this list a little after traveling to Belarus, Ukraine and Poland each multiple times over the past several months.  As a result of those travels, Belarus is off the list, Poland remains highly ranked, and Ukraine is much higher.

Without further ado, here is the shortlist of countries with the most beautiful women in the world.












Argentina – in every town and city around the country that I traveled to a few years ago, beautiful women abounded.  Women here tend to be thin, feminine, and loyal.  And many women here know they are beautiful too, especially in Buenos Aires which is know for stunners with snobbish attitudes, which can be very off-putting.  If you speak Spanish, that helps exponentially, as English still isn’t as common as you’d think even with young people.  For the smaller income per capita, there sure is a lot of plastic surgery in Argentina.  Brazil too.  You’ll see a lot of physical proportions that don’t quite add up around these parts.

Sweden – if you have to ask why Sweden is on this list, I don’t get why you don’t get it.  It’s pretty obvious why Sweden (and greater Scandinavia for that matter) has many beautiful women. Women here are smart, quite liberal, often athletic, and come in a variety of looks. Women in Scandinavia are firm believers in the feminist movement (and left of the dial politics in general for that matter), and are much less socially conservative as those women in other parts of the world.  Women here have very little issue with casual sex, and the country was the third in the world to legalize same sex marriage.

Poland – just walking around in most major cities around Poland is amazing in terms of how many really attractive women you will see.  Most women in Poland, especially in certain cities, are thin with longer hair, very feminine, and have great social qualities like being loyal, and family oriented.  Some cities like Lodz for example don’t have many beautiful men or women for some reason (and the city itself is an eyesore), but other places like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are chalk full of beauty.  Poland is still very cheap, and many people leave the country for work in other places, as life here isn’t easy compared to other Western countries.  The brain drain here from the outside is very real, as many people have left Poland in search of a better life elsewhere.  Catholicism is also dominant, as you’re dealing with a 90% or higher rate of Catholicism with Protestants barely factoring into the population.  And although consistent practitioners are declining, people there are still quite religious and socially conservative.  Not sure how it all happened, the women in Poland are also significantly better looking than their male counterparts.  As a downside, the cultural infection of tattoos has emerged pretty heavily in Poland, and it detracts from the otherwise very feminine landscape.  There are so many head turners in Poland, and although it’s one of my favorite places for beautiful women, it ranks below other places in it’s own region.

Belarus – in terms of the location, it’s like a genetic gold mine.  Nestled between the Baltics, Poland, and Russia, Belarus has all the geographic trappings to be great.  And it is!  Getting and actually staying there is the main issue for most people in the US, as you need a VISA go get in (unless you fly into the capital Minsk and stay under 5 days).  The next major issue is the language barrier.  If you don’t know Russian or maybe German, you’re on the outside looking in.  It’s an inexpensive country, but one that’s not easy to enjoy as it’s the last of the European countries to really open up to outsiders.  Recently tourist regulations have changed, and you can visit the country for up to 5 days without a visa.   Any stay over 5 days and you’ll need to apply.  Heck the state police, or KGB, still operate here!  Also like Ukraine and Russia, women here are very feminine, and family oriented.  You won’t see many tattoos and Western feminist attitudes.  Flowers are still warmly appreciated as are strong, financially stable, masculine men.  Metro-sexuals and hipsters probably aren’t going to have sway with women here, as they like strong and masculine types.  Tattoos have also hit Belarus but not nearly as much as in Poland.  Belarus is nice because of the overwhelming femininity of the women here.  There is such a high personal standard for women to look good here – for themselves, for other women, and for men.  However, as I travel more and this list changes, Belarus will likely be the first to drop off that list.  Also, there are pretty significant barriers here (language being the major one, but culture is another) just for meeting women in the first place.

Estonia – a little country that marks the beginning of the Baltic smoke show.  And where there is smoke there is fire, and this place is on fire.  Estonia is the wealthiest of the Baltic countries, followed by Lithuania then Latvia.  Prices in the supermarkets and other stores reflect those differences.  A lot of people are unfamiliar with where the Baltics are (also that they exist at all!), but they are 3 small countries nestled in northeast Europe between Scandinavia and Russia.  It’s also the geographic collision of some of the most beautiful female genes in the world.  In the very least, start with a trip into Tallinn (Estonia), then move down into Riga (Latvia), and finally through to Vilnius (Lithuania) and you’ll be shocked at the talent.  The language and looks of many Estonians are closer to Finnish than they are with the rest of the Baltics.  Many women in Estonia look similar to those in Latvia, but seem to have some Scandinavian influence mixed in as well.  There’s also a decent size Russian population here too so toss that into the mix.  In all the places in the world that I’ve been, Eastern Europe and the Baltics has the highest per capita amount of beautiful women in the world.

Latvia – together with Lithuania and Estonia, a big surprise on the list for many reading this post.    It’s a similar country to Poland in terms of generalizations for women: thin, longer hair, feminine, value on the family.  For those of you who haven’t been, it can be an amazing place to see beautiful women.  Latvia has been overrun in the past 10-15 years by tons of British, Scandinavian and German males looking for a good time at a cheap price.  Cheap flights to Riga have brought lots of stag/bachelor parties to Riga, and at night you’ll hear plenty of heard of loud, drunk, foreign tourists.  And thanks to all of the tons of tourists defending on Riga lately, the foreign factor is nill here and probably a detriment.  Almost all younger people speak English, but with older people it’s often an issue.  Appreciate the cheap but good food, the interesting history and architecture as there’s a lot to offer here than just the female factor.












Lithuania – a country that many people don’t know exists much less one that has tons of beautiful women in it.  The Baltics is full of surprises, and in this case some major ones.  All of the three Baltic countries have distinct languages, cultures and even looks even though they are so close each other.  Lithuania women often have brown to dark hair and rich facial features.  To me they look kind of Polish and Russian, and not as much Estonian or Latvian.  Basketball, soccer, and ice hockey are popular there and many women and men are quite athletic.  There are more Russians living in Estonia and Latvia than in Lithuania, and while it gets many tourists especially to its capital Vilnius, it doesn’t see the throngs of weekend fly by’s that Riga gets.  Vilnius is also spread out and larger than the capitals of Riga and Tallinn.  People in Lithuania are very tall, and in my experience, the tallest group of Europeans along with the Serbians and Dutch.  Women are feminine here, thin, with tight jeans and skirts, and have long hair.  In short they are just stunning. Some tattoos have entered Eastern Europe, but fortunately it’s in the early fazes for men and women.  Many places around Lithuania, not just the capital Vilnius, are complete smoke shows for attractive females.

Czech Republic – once upon a time Czech had good chunk of the top 10 top most notable supermodels.  Certainly the country has beautiful women.  One reason people either overrate or underrate the beauty factor here is because most tourists only go to Prague.  Prague gets so many tourists that it’s almost impossible to tell who is local and who is foreign.  But outside of Prague, like Brno and Olomouc have lots of beautiful women.  Prices have grown substantially over the past 20 years here, but are still cheap compared to the rest of Europe.  Getting there is the biggest expense for most people.

Russia – a top choice for attractive women by many men (and even women!) around the world. Russia has beautiful women, no question about it.  And former Soviet satellite states like Ukraine and Belarus do too.  For me though, Russian women don’t seem to age well, and also have a pretty profound attitude against outsiders.  Perhaps if you speak the language there’s less snobbishness and saltiness, but for that reason alone, it’s not getting the gold.  I’ve met so many Russian people, and I can’t say I’ve ever met a happy and friendly one, male or female.  Obviously they exists, but I just haven’t encountered them in the hundreds that I’ve come across.  Happiness seems to be a mood outlier there, and it’s a buzzkill in a variety of ways – so I pass.  I know others have other experiences and opinions and that’s fine.  With that said, I’m sticking to mine.

Brazil – the women here are almost legendary.  Just the mention of Brazilian girls get men (and women) worked up.  Ever heard of the Brazilian butt?  It’s real, but in general it’s not for me.  One of the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen came from the South of Brazil.  But I found most women in Brazil to be not quite as thin as Argentinian women or those from other countries (in general).  Women here may have conservative religious foundations, but socially/sexually, Brazilian women are generally quite liberal.  If a little more fuller figured, hyper sexual, latin looking women is your type, well you’ve found your spot.  The beaches around Rio for example are shows in themselves.  Men wear near bikini bottoms out there, so imagine what women wear!  And yes, the string bikinis there are not just photoshopped, they do exist and are abundant.  Women are darker in skin color the further north you go (like in Salvador, Recife, and Brasilia), and lighter and more German looking in the South (like Porto Alegre) and the food is a bit different in each spot too.  But in general, tons of shades and mixes of people all around Brasil.  Take steps to be safe when visiting though, some parts have all sorts of stuff to be aware of, some involving women.

Columbia – since I haven’t been here, I can’t comment with full accuracy.  But considering the women that I’ve met from here and heard about, it’s a country that deserves to be one of the top countries on my list. The reception to many Westerners there is still quite positive.  Plastic surgery is very common here, and especially if you go to the bigger cities, expect to see all sorts of unusual proportions and looks.  Although I find many Latin women to be beautiful, the Latin look isn’t my biggest draw.  The country isn’t getting the top spot for me, but soon I’ll visit and reassess.  For many men though Columbia is the best, but at this time it’s not for me sorry.

United States – the US is chalk full of beautiful women.  There is such a convergence of genes here that all sorts of unique beauty has been furnished from it.  But also, people, and women here are generally bigger if not overweight.  Tattoos on women in major cities are nearing birth mark proportions, as is a radical feminist (which I consider largely anti feminine) mentality.  I’ve been derided by women in the States for opening car doors and told that branding (with a hot poker) one’s body is a near future priority.  That mentality, at least in the Northern US, is tough to stomach.  The Southern US still has really great, beautiful, feminine women, but taken as a whole, the US is in a big decline for me.  For all the greatness and beauty found in American women, there is plenty to pass on too.  Even though I live there, appreciate all that it has to offer in terms of beautiful women (and in general), it’s sadly not the top choice fore me.

Ukraine – well it just has to be on the list.  A country that’s essentially the heart of Eastern Europe, touching both Poland and Russia’s borders who are also on my list.  A good chunk of Western Ukraine was also Polish before WWII so you’ll see that influence in some of the towns, cities, food, and facial features.  But women in Ukraine are generally pretty amazing, super thin, (maybe the thinnest in Europe) and often sport heels that could double as weapons along with clothing that nearly looks spray painted on.  Similar to Russia, I generally find that Ukrainians tend to also tend to show a lack of happiness, and English can still be a major obstacle there if you’re trying to communicate.  Kiev probably has the best looking women of any city that I’ve seen in the world.  Odd though that Lviv, which is an old Polish down and further west, has totally different looking women and generally not as impressive.  Seeing model-esk workers at corner stores, markets, grocery stores, and other every day spots is pretty common here.  After renting a car in Lviv and driving through various towns and cities in NW Ukraine, I dubbed the “supermodels with strollers” phrase to describe what I saw.  So many absolutely stunning women walking with baby strollers in parks and central squares.  It’s a complete smoke show.

And my apologies to Iceland, Romania, Bugaria, and Canada for excluding you from the list.

So without further delay……drum roll please…

And the Winner Is?

The Country with the Best Looking Women in the World:  Lithuania!!!

the-most-beautiful-women-in-the-worldNow the first reactions from most people reading Lithuania as the country with the best looking women probably comes in three forms:
Lithuania is a country?
Where in the hell is Lithuania?

And to those reactions my answers are Yes, Yes, and Eastern Europe.

I first backpacked through Europe in 2001 for 6 months, then returned in 2003 for nearly another 6 months. I didn’t travel for the women, but because Europe has always been very interesting to me.  And as a single guy trekking in foreign countries, I noticed everything from beautiful buildings to women and the others living there.  Through the years I’ve spend well over a year traveling through almost all parts of Europe, 31 countries in total there, and many of those more than once.  In all the places in the world that I’ve seen and known about, Lithuania has the most beautiful women in the world, period.

I wrote before that Lithuania was well ahead of any other country on this list for beautiful women.  However, after traveling more in Ukraine, it’s difficult to think that any country is ahead of that one as well.  At this point though, I’m sticking with my initial decision and travels through Lithuania (twice) to give it the top spot on this list.  I have a feeling though, if I traveled both Ukraine and Lithuania, each for a month or longer, that Ukraine would probably come out on top.  For now though, Lithuania holds that spot and I’m comfortable with that decision.

The Baltics

The Baltics consist of 3 countries, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that were all part of the former Soviet Union for many decades.  For me the area, and Lithuania more specifically, merges the best of the surrounding areas into once fantastic and beautifully unique gene pool.  It’s a place where the looks of Scandinavia, Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe collide.  And by collide, I mean a genetic explosion that similar to the Big Bang – it’s just astonishing.  Food, language, and culture all merge and roll into one massive and uniquely beautiful smoke show.  Poland is a personal favorite of mine, but Lithuania is like Poland but with even prettier women in general.


The women throughout Eastern Europe, and definitely in Lithuania, are almost all thin, longer hair, feminine, and place high value on the family.  The hair colors are generally brown, light brown, and dark, although you’ll see a fair amount of blonde hair dyes there too.  The food is great and seems much more natural compared to US cuisine.  The country also borders the Baltic Sea, and a mixed history of occupation from many outside forces may all have had an impact on what is truly an amazing female population.  You’ll see the knockout show in nearly every place from Klaipeda to Siaullai to Kaunas to Vilnius.  Sometimes it’s so overwhelming it doesn’t seem like this many beautiful women can reside in single place, but they do!

But before you reach for your computer to scout for the next flight to Lithuania, you should know some things first.

  • Lithuanian girls have almost no interest in meeting, dating, or giving much time to a foreigner.  Unless you are studying there or living there for a period of time, you’re on the outside looking in, and the door is nearly bolted shut.
  • There’s a decent chance most of the women you’ll see and meet in Lithuania are taller than you.  I’m 5’10” and many women are looking at me square in the eye, even with flats on.  As a population, the people in Lithuania are some of the tallest in the world.  The height factor is similar to what you will see in place like Holland and Serbia.  I would sometimes joke about it being “The Land of the Giants”, but there is truth to that.
  • If you don’t speak Lithuanian, it’s even more of a deterant for you.  That’s
    not because local girls 18-35 don’t speak English or speak it well, it’s because they simply prefer their own native language.  There is very little envy of the West (although you’ll see dress and some other trends that catch on from the West), but people in Lithuania are quite content with their own wonderful country.

The Baltic countries are not hidden gems of Europe anymore either, both as tourist destinations or for beautiful women.  In the past 15 years or so, the rise of cheap air carriers to the region have brought massive deluges of tourists there.  Riga is especially packed with tourists because its old town is very small.  And the tons of tourists have also made it more difficult to be seen as a good guy with good intentions, without being pegged as a one track minded panty tourist.

Again, there are beautiful women in all parts of the world, but some places have higher concentrations and greater numbers of beautiful women than other places do.  Right now Lithuania is the best that I’ve seen.

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