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2 Mar. 2018
Serbia’s throne-less royals welcome baby boy into family
BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia’s throne-less royals have welcomed a new member into the Karadjordjevic family that once ruled Yugoslavia but was exiled for decades during communism.Prince Philip and Princess Danica Karadjordjevic presented their
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1 Mar. 2018
Colombia’s FARC leader Timochenko hospitalized with chest pains
BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombian former FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, was hospitalized on Thursday with chest pains and is under observation, the group said in a statement. Timochenko, who in late 2016
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9 Oct. 2019
Trump Administration Imposes Travel Ban On Chinese Officials Linked To Muslim Persecutions
‘Erase religion and culture’
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31 Jan. 2017
Why My Stepsons’ Father Killed Himself
Last week, my two stepsons’ father, a man who loved life, killed himself. I would like to tell you why. Two years ago, a 62-year-old father of three named Bruce Graham was standing on an ladder, inspecting his roof for a leak, when it slipped out from under him. He landed on top of the
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21 Feb. 2017
Why Professors Object to Being Recorded
After the election of Donald Trump as president, a professor at Orange Coast College in California, Olga Perez Stable Cox, went into an extended hate-rant against the president-elect. Among other things, she described the Trump election as an “act of terrorism,” labelled him a “white supremacist” and called Vice-President-El...
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31 May. 2023
To The West: Brace for Another Tumultuous Five Years with Erdoğan
Erdoğan, as he has always done since coming to power in 2002, did all that he could to use state resources and the media he controls to manipulate the voters both before the May 14 vote and before the second round. State officials who are bound by the
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2 Mar. 2018
Two arrested in Japanese fast-train bid-rigging case
TOKYO (Reuters) – A Kajima Corp official and a former executive of Taisei Corp were arrested on Friday as part of an investigation into the suspected rigging of bids for a Japanese high-speed rail project, prosecutors said. Prosecutors are in
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4 Apr. 2017
It’s Time for Conservatives to Celebrate This President
Do conservatives — or non-leftists, for that matter — appreciate just how terrific Donald Trump has been as president? And how lucky we are that he won the presidency? I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that they ought to be deeply appreciative of him, and deeply grateful for luck or providence,
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10 Oct. 2019
Meghan McCain Lashes Out At Rand Paul, Calls Him A ‘Chicken Heart Isolationist’
‘Absolute shameless cowardice and betrayal’
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1 Mar. 2018
Explosion heard in Afghan capital Kabul: Reuters witness
KABUL (Reuters) – A police official said a suicide bomber had struck in the Afghan capital, Kabul, after a loud explosion was heard in an area close to foreign embassies on Friday. Police sirens could be heard in the area but there was no imm
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14 Mar. 2017
Some on the Left Now Criticize the Students They Created
In the last few weeks, there has been a spate of columns by writers on the left condemning the left-wing college students who riot, take over university buildings and shout down speakers with whom they differ. These condemnations, coming about 50 years too late, should not be taken seriously. Take New York Times columnist Frank
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18 Apr. 2017
Two Weeks of Great Clarity
If you prize clarity, then these past weeks were some of the best in memory. 1. When America leads, the world is better. For the first time in eight years, the allies of America and the world’s decent people celebrated America’s return to leadership. Just about all of them understand that if the United States
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