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1 Mar. 2018
Colombia’s FARC leader Timochenko hospitalized with chest pains
BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombian former FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, was hospitalized on Thursday with chest pains and is under observation, the group said in a statement. Timochenko, who in late 2016
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9 Oct. 2019
Trump Says He’ll ‘Wipe Out’ Turkish Economy If Turkey Takes Out Kurdish Population
‘I will wipe out his economy if that happens’
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4 Apr. 2017
It’s Time for Conservatives to Celebrate This President
Do conservatives — or non-leftists, for that matter — appreciate just how terrific Donald Trump has been as president? And how lucky we are that he won the presidency? I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that they ought to be deeply appreciative of him, and deeply grateful for luck or providence,
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18 Sep. 2022
Why is Tehran Beating the War Drum?
By publicly announcing that an attack on Tel Aviv and Haifa is being planned, Heydari gives Israel a reason to claim “the right of self-defense” or “preventive war” if and when it decides to take military action against the Islamic Republic. He says that
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28 Mar. 2017
Purists Kill Whatever They Believe In
According to The New York Times, 10 moderates, 15 conservatives, and eight other Republicans would have voted against the Republican repeal and replace Obamacare bill. So, then, 15 or so conservatives made it impossible to pass the bill favored by nearly every other Republican and by President Donald Trump. If that is the case, what
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16 May. 2017
Feminism and Intelligence
The number of foolish statements made by men and women who consider themselves feminists is essentially equal to the number of people who strongly identify as feminists. I write “strongly identify” because if asked, “Are you a feminist?” most women will say yes. They will do so for two reasons. One is that there is
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14 Feb. 2017
Note to the Left: Four Years Ago, Conservatives Were Just as Depressed
Here’s a news flash for Democrats and other Americans on the left: Four years ago, when Barack Obama was re-elected president, conservatives were just as depressed as you are now that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won. I describe this as news because this undoubtedly surprises many of you. You probably never gave a
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7 Oct. 2019
Sen. Hawley Thrashes NBA Commissioner Who Apologized To China For Houston Rocket GM’s Pro-Hong Kong Remarks
‘That was wrong. Reconsider’
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8 Oct. 2019
Conservative Leader Calls Trudeau A ‘Fraud’ And ‘Phony’ In Election Debate
‘He’s very good at pretending things;’
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24 Sep. 2022
Biden Administration Standing Idly By While Iran's Mullahs Advance to Nuclear Bomb
[M]ore than a year and half of negotiations seems to have benefited no one except the ruling and Islamist mullahs of Iran. The endless negotiations seem simply to have bought time for the mullahs, so that they could comfortably advance their nuclear
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9 Oct. 2019
All Of The NBA’s Chinese Partners Have Severed Their Relationships
‘Different viewpoints’
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2 Mar. 2018
The Latest: Geneva airport reopens after 2nd weather closure
LONDON (AP) — The Latest on frigid weather in Europe (all times local):12:20 p.m.Authorities at Geneva’s airport say it has reopened after a mid-morning shutdown that was the second closure in as many days due to snowy and icy conditions
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