Thanksgiving, Happiness, & Being Grateful
23 Nov. 2017
Thanksgiving, Happiness, & Being Grateful

Thanksgiving and Happiness

The holidays are a nice time to reflect on the important things in life.  For many people much of that importance revolves around family.

Dennis Prager has had a pretty profound impact on my outlook and thinking.  His daily radio show is the best radio program that I’ve heard in 50 countries of travel.  When I travel abroad I’m often walking around a new city listening to his shows, even though I’m thousands of miles away.  Although talking about politics and current events mostly, Dennis devotes 3 hours of his weekly show to happiness, male/female issues, and what he calls “Ultimate Issues” which deal with a wide variety of subjects from religion to morality and more.

Prager U is kind of wildly popular spin-off of his radio show and is an online collection of 5 minute videos given by professors, intellectuals, comedians, and others that:

“take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them down to five focused minutes. We then add graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth.”

In terms of happiness, this 5 minute video says it all:


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