$300+ Flights to Australia via Notiflyr
2 Apr. 2020
$300+ Flights to Australia via Notiflyr


Haven’t heard of Notiflyr?

You might not be alone, but that will likely change in the near future.  It’s a company that offers cheap flight deals, and it’s going to be a big deal in the travel community.  I’ve been tracking the best cheap flight deal websites in the world for years and Notiflyr is definitely one of them.  Today I saw some $300-$400 fares from a variety of cities to Australia.  I checked again later in the day and saw even more cities added to the deal.  Steven, the founder of Notiflyr, said there’s roughly 100 cities that are part of the cheap fare pricing.  Certainly it’s not an ideal time to be traveling, but these fares can be booked for future travel too.

I just interviewed Steven for my next podcast, which I’m editing now.

I wish I had more time to post deals and things that are happening within the travel community, but I don’t.  Even if you’re not going to book any flights right now, if you like cheap fare sales, you should at worst bookmark Notiflyr, but also consider the premium membership.  They have some of the best technology in place in the world for finding cheap fares.  I’m not paid or incentivized in any way to promote Notiflyr, it’s just plain great!

Stay safe, and happy (future) travels –

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